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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Jolly Rap Music Video

Allright... Here it is, our MTV Jolly Rap.
Just a brief intro about the video.

The song wa written and sung by Vinesh in 2002, and recently he put it up on his blog. I found the song really interesting, and suggested my co-directors of Curd Rice on making a video for the fun of it, and we did.

Main Cast: Vasu
Sub Cast: Kumaran, Seemren, Pinky, Diana
Camera: Hassan
Director of Photography: Niclas Ribbarp
Directors: Muru & Reva
Logistics: Daniel
Editor: Reva
Productions: Curd Rice Productions

So here it is... the finished product.

Too Good!!!

Had Lunch at Devagi's yesterday, and brought along with me Srivatsan. She had some amazing dishes for us, including a really fantastic, thick and good carrot soup with garlic bread for the starters, an 'Aata Maavu Thosai' with Spinach, Brinjal and Almond Flake filling for main course sided by a refreshing leafy healthy salad, Devagi-made Orange sorbet, and a super-duper dessert which was the show stealer for me. Basically it was Devagi's idea of fusion, which was the best part.

All food was really interesting, especially the Main Course. Never would anyone would have thought that Aata Maavu Thosai, could be presented in such a modern minimalistc way, with a meditteranean feel.

And the dessert (which me and Srivatsan had 2 servings of) was a surprise. Vanilla Ice-cream topped with fuits and appalam. Believe me, this is one of the best things in life.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Just another Saturday...

Hmmmm... blogger has been giving quite some problems recently. Anyway, here is a post desptite all that. Just finished my Music Video outdoor shoot. Did the studio shoots last Sunday. All was well.
Here are some stills from the Studio Shoot edit of the music video. I hope to finish editing by Monday. More details about the song will be up when I post the video up. I will take this opportunity to wish my Dad a very Happy Birthday. It's his Birthday today, and also thank my dearest Prathyush for all his cool, true predictions recently. He is too good... just like Saras. Somehow my intutions never seem to be that good. And no... Prat is not putting me on knife point to say this.

Offtopic.... just recieved an SMS message from Devagi. Have lunch at her place on Wednesday. Can't wait to have all that food. Mmmmm....

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

AGNI 2006

AGNI, AJC's cultural show was staged again this year after 2002. The seniors were called back to give some performances in the show, and Dhinesh, Karthik, Rakesh and myself put up 2 mini dramas. It turned out real good. One of it was actually a spoof of 'Thanga Vettai' the game show hosted by Ramya Krishnan in SUN TV. We came up with 'Sangu Koattai'...., where I was the host... it was full corny, but was the best hit of yestersay's show. Didn't take any pictures during the show, but I might put up VCD shots after the VCD has been distributed. It was really really fun working with these guys again... the last time we worked together on a drama was 0n 2002, so that was a real refreshing experience.

The past 3 days have been real busy for me. Saturday was spent preparing for Sunday's shoot, Sunday was a music video shoot, and Monday was AGNI.

Talking about the shoot, Sunday, I shot my music video... and the sets turned out real good, thanks to Niklas. Am not posting any pictures for that too... I will do so when I get the video shots when I am editing it. We are planning to give Niklas a 'Thank You' Dinner today, as he is leaving tomorro to Chennai for another shoot. Now I am going to town to the library to have a drink and read some books. Been some time since I did that.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

One New Year Resolution Down...

For those who didn't get to read my new year needs and resolutions, one of it was to get an ibook, and managed to get one today. Infact, am blogging from it. He is one of the most prettiest things I have ever seen. One of my favourites is my G5 of course... My Ibook G4 is slightly less macho than my G5, but he is certainly a nice thing to have. Hmmm... my first laptop, an ibook. Love this.

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Queen of Spices...

Singapore's most favourite celebrity chef, Devagi Sanmugam has entered the blogosphere... I promise you great, great recipes, and food thoughts. I am sure she does too!!!
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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Revaananda Yogi...

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Attended this Yoga class with my mum today. Was quite exciting. Not the first time am practicing yoga and breathing techniques, but just decided to follow my mum who has been quite fascinated with yogic techniques quite recently. Anyway, there was this particular aasana the guru made us do today.. you have to lie flat, palms towards the sky, and practice some breathing techniques and listen to him.
I followed everythign except to listen to him. I slept and went into deep slumber... so deep that i started dreaming. Trust me to do that... but you know what, i was the only one who entered the true sub-concious level. I know.. I am the Chosen One...*Yawn*

Monday, March 06, 2006


I got this fantastic opportunity to meet this great swedish DOP yesterday. His profile is just amazing, and what is even mor mind blowing is how humble he is and looks.

Currently working on a rap music video, and managed to get his assistance to do the DOP work for us. Am sure this project is something i can really look forward to, and working with Mr. Niclas Ribbarp is going to be a truly eye-opening experience, after working with local DOPs all along. I am always open to new ideas and thoughts, and fresh ways of execution.

His company his CNRGfilm (pronounced as Synergy Film), and some snippets of his works can be found there.

Friday, March 03, 2006

And what Next?...

A few year back, you just had maybe MSN Messenger and Yahoo for your instant messaging, and hotmail and yahoo again for you emails. But now, of course there is the entry of the big giant google, and life has changes considerably.
I used to only use MSN Messenger some while back, and refused to install any other 'products', until mid last year, my friend forced my to get Yahoo messenger, and since the, my MSN has been sitting in the attic. I can safely say, that I can't even remember who are in my MSN contact list, because most often, I never load it. And then, this year, another of my friends made me get GoogleTalk, for its smaller and simple interface.Apart from these Giants, just last month, I was introduced to Rediff Bol Messenger. Not so much for instant messaging, but for the free SMS to anywhere in India it offered, and first 3 messages to anywhere in the world free.
Call me a purani, but i confess that I have not used PC to PC calling until this year. Not so much because that I didn't know about the feature, but because, I didn't find the necassity to PC to PC talk. And truly speaking, I have not found something satisfactory as yet, probably because my friend's net connection at the other end is slow compared to mine.Thought I was the only one baffled by the surge of messengers, and PC to PC calling softwares, but I chanced upon a similarly confused writer in one of the local newspapers (The New Paper) very recently, and he has given his verdict. He says "Can't choose? Use them All!" No way I am going to use all of them.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

1st short film - SAME

This is the first short film from me. Did it some time mid last year.

Decided to try out using double act. You may find some errors in the movie, due to improper camera setting, and lighting problems. Was an experiment actually.

Story about 2 guys waiting to attend an interview, and what goes on between them during that short time. Both the guys are played by the same person. I should have developed the story further...

Anyway.. here it is...