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Monday, February 27, 2006

Transparent Monitor

Somehow today, I managed to turn my monitor transparent... Hahahaa...Its scary but true.. The next thing that might happen is that my monitor turns touch screen, and I will be retrieving my minority report. :p On another note, my pal Prathyush Reddy has newly entered the blogosphere. Do visit it, and support him. Am sure there will be some great posts coming up...

Am letting the cat out of the bag, i mean many of you would have guessed this by now. Its not a transparent monitor, rather, an optical illusion created by taking a photo of the area behind your monitor and making it your desktop background. This thing was a fad sometime back. When you look at these pix, you will find how bad mine is. Slipshot work.

Anyway, another fellow came up with something more. How about this now?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Shivaji Punch Dialogues (Semma Comedy)

Got this as a forward today from ArunChaxx. Indha dialogues padatthuleh varudho illaiyo... Aanaa...super dialogues. Rajini Saar... Take note saar...
  • Dekhoji, naan thaan Shivaji
  • Kanna, naan pakka dhan software, erangunan mavane hardware....
  • Sachin adicha sixer indha Shivaji adicha stretcher
  • Naan nenacha athu nadantha mathiri, naan nadantha athu jeycha mathiri
  • Naan 1 centimetre dhooratthukk nallavannaa 20 kilometre distancekku kettavan
  • Kanna andha sivajikku nadikka mattum dhan theriyum, indha sivajiku nadikkavum theriyum adikkavum theriyum
  • unaku Aandavan vekkaraan da date annaiku unaku Shivaji vekkaraan paar vettu
  • Kannaa, sirikaama PM aga iruntharu antha Narasimha Rao, aana sirichutte pattaiyai kilappurathu intha Shivaji Rao
  • Naan nallavanukku sami, Nayavanjaganukku tsunami
  • Kanna, vitukoduthavan ennaikum kettathillai, kettavan ennaikum vittukoduthathillai
  • Solli adikiravan veeran, sollama adikiravan kozhai, naan sollavum maaten, adikkavum maatan... aana konnuduvan
  • Nallavanukku naan DHARMAN Kettvanukku naan YEMa dharman da
And my favourite...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Art and Words...

Did and aptitude test recently, and one of the questions was about in which area does my talent lie in most. They gave me a few options, like clay works, knitting etc, and I chose painting. Frankly speaking, I wouldn't consider myself a painter, actually maybe an artist, but not a painter. I was never good with paints, rather, I found at ease expressing myself using just pencil, pen, or maybe even pastel.

My art often varies, depending on my moods.. I never had a 'Rose Period' where I had a collection of similar themed works. Frankly, I learnt and got to appreciate art during Maths lessons in secondary school. My texts were often hidden amongst various designs of my mind. Anyway, one of my favourite pieces was this Christ picture, that I drew 3 years back. This one has a major difference as compared to any Christ depicted in Churches, and paintings. You might want to take a closer look at his hand area. I drew this, as according what the human anatomy must have allowed.I have always wanted to give pictures that were either controversial, or made people think, even if they didn't look gorgeous or picturesque. I detest paintings of nature like the sunset or green fields etc, or maybe because I was jealous that my art was never that realistic, like being able to pop out of the paper.

I have always loved Dali, because of the way you can discuss about his works for hours, and how each time you look at it,1 you find something new, and fun. Take a look at this. (This isn't Dali btw). Fun isn't it? For me, Art must be fun, and must be able to speak a thousand words.. literally.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Just a few days back Vinod sent me a Garfield comic strip about laziness. That kinda set me thinking. Is it really possible to be so lazy, that you become completely unaware of what is happening around you? Where is the line? I must confess, that there are some days, that I feel tired (maybe this is a disguise word in place of lazy), and I choose to sleep in late, even skip breakfasts, and maybe grab lunch, then force myself to sleep again, if not TV, or books, and so on...and towards the end of the day, I console myself my saying that it is well deserved laziness, to pay back maybe for my endless working schedule (which just got a pause). And then ironically, I feel tired at the end of tha day, because of lazing.But are there some in the world, who completely refuse to do any work, is it really humanly possible, to just laze for days? Not doing anything? Reminds me of a Vadivelu comedy in the movie "Karkka Kasadara", in which he says that it is talent to remain "Chumma"or "not doing anything". Isn't it human instincts to work? Do animals laze? Is lazing a boon, or a curse to be lazy? What is being lazy? Are procastinators lazy? Are people who are relaxing lazy? If you are going to work all your life to relax during your retired days, then isn't it ok to laze now itself? Do you feel lazy, or do you think lazy? Anyway, don't mistake me... I am not blogging this to justify laziness, (as it already has a bad conotation)... I just want to know the extend of laziness, or the limit for it. Anyway, you don't have to reply to this post, if you just feel to lazy.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pasta - Reva's Style

Yippee.. got a chance to cook today, and made pasta for breakfast. This happens to be one of my favs, it is super easy to make, and nice to have for breakfast, as a change to the common, idlee, thosai, bread, cereals etc. All you need is some ready made pasta sause, available in super markets (I used Prego, origininal Pasta Sause; most of it is just tomato puree actually), then any type of pasta you want (I used macaroni), oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves, chopped onions, chopped garlic, salt and chilli powder to taste, grated Parmesan cheese. And thats it.. before you know it, your pasta is ready. Now anybody can do this right?

Friday, February 17, 2006

Love My Friends!

Had another class gathering today, and this time it was at Apple Strudel house at Thomson Road. Had a really great time as usual. Rachel is going back to Australia, so had a little send off kinda thingy. In any case, it is great to be with friends, even it is for no reason at all...! After that we had a hell of a ride... That is Lina's Mazda actually... Guess what speed I am going at...

Before Butterflies...

Just went out for a jog today morning, and guess what I saw, this much of caterpillars. Haven't seen this much in a single place. Quite eeky.. wonder what species they are.
Anybody knows?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Right Here Right Now

Loved this music video, glamour glamour and more glamour...and a nice smooth beat. This one is dedicated to you Saras, hope your paper was real good. Vinod to you too. Enjoy the video guys! Sorry am still in the bluffing mood ;) Lates post up in RevaViews: on Sabse Bada Rupiah, and more Bluff Trivia including favourite Nana Patekar dialogues from the movie. Apologies, I foresee this fever to run for atleast another week. :p

My favourite Part of the Song...

come to me bhool jaaye sara jahaan
come to me, we will leave this world behind
come to me hum banale apni nayi jagah
come to me, we will make our own world
ek main aur ek tu hai, aur hawa mein jaadu hai
just me and you, and magic in the air
aarzoo bekabu hai samjho saare baat baaki
A strange restlessness, Let's leave nothing unsaid
waqt ka kya bharosa, banke paani beh jaaye
The only sure thing about time, Is that it will run out
kal agar na mil paaye reh na jaaye baat baaki
What if there's no tomorrow, Let's leave nothing unsaid
right here right now hain khushi ka samaa
right here right now is a time for happiness
right here right now hum hai is pal jaha
right here right now in this moment
bhool jaao muskurao reh na jaaye baat baaki
try to forget, try and smile, let's leave nothing unsaid

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Trouble Loves Me!!!

The image “http://www.themoderatevoice.com/files/joe-big-trouble.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Just barely a day upon finding my inner child self... and got into trouble today. This was was really bad. Got caught for skipping school by my mum. Damn!!! Tried my story-telling on this... coaxing, cajoling, feigning ignorance... but you know mums... somehow their intutions are too good, she slammed the phone down on me. She saw me fleeing to curd rice productions...

She isn't talking to me now, and just ignored me when I got back home. Deep Deep trouble. I know this thing will blow off, but you know.. how it feels now? Like the whole world has lost trust in you. You know Bluffmasters get blasted sometimes... Ooofff...

Monday, February 13, 2006

My Inner Child.

Was supposed to do a 'My 5 Factor Personality Profile' since Jeevan had his done, and I wanted to try it out... but ended up doing something else. This one was quite interesting too.. and guess what.. it is super true.
Your Inner Child Is Naughty
Like a child, you tend to discount social rules. It's just too much fun to break the rules! You love trouble - and it seems that trouble loves you. And no matter what, you refuse to grow up!
Yeah that is my Inner Child, or even my outer child. Can't resist getting into trouble. I do get out of most of the trouble pretty easily, but there are some I need to work hard at.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Double Thosai Kallu (according to Vatsan)...

Thats my bro and sis, after coming back from Thaipusam yesterday... idha idha idha... naan edhirpaakaley... (I didn't expect this).
Just added a Bluffmaster review up in RevaViews.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Rule of Thumb???

The image “http://www.culturebuster.com/images/thumb.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The phrase "rule of thumb" is derived from an old English law, which stated that you couldn't beat your wife with anything wider than your thumb.
Can you believe it? I thought the term 'wife beating' was bad enough...to think we are using 'The Rule of Thumb' so readily.. tsk tsk tsk.. By the way, I have a new WordPress Blog - RevaViews, where I will be posting all my reviews from now onwards.
Latest submission - Review on Salaam Namaste.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Song of the Moment... a Lost Song..

Song of the moment for me is 'காடு திறந்து' from 'வசூல் ராஜா MBBS'. Don't ask me why, but I woke up yesterday morning, and the first thing that was on my mind was,
'நெஞ்சை விட்டு வந்த வார்த்தை ஒன்று, தொண்டைக்குள் சூழ்கொண்டதோ...'
I have no idea why, I wasn't even thinking about the Song before going to sleep, and I have never paid attention to the above lyric, but it happens sometimes... and that song suddenly becomes song of the moment for me.
In any case, I realise how beautiful the line is, as the rest of the song...only half the song appeared in the movie; As what Vairamuthu said when we interviewed him, "The producers, including kamal felt that the song would not last in the movie,
"'சிரிச்சு சிரிச்சு வந்தா' பாட்டுக்கு முன்னடி, இந்த பாட்டு அடிப்பட்டுவிடும்'... ஆனால் இந்த பாடல் காலத்தால் அழியாதா பாடல்."
How true, I don't think I can listen to the once soo popular 'சீனா தானா' song again now. I don't see any Audio shops playing the song too. So much hype for that song once. Anyway, here I present you the lyrics of 'காடு திறந்து'... The song that wasn't given much attention at all. காடு திறந்த்தே கிடக்கின்றது, காற்று மலர்களை உடைக்கின்றது, கண்கள் திறந்தே கிடக்கின்றது, காதல் உயிர்களை உடைக்கின்றது... நெஞ்சில் வரும் காதல் வலி, பூவில் ஒரு சூராவளியோ... நெஞ்சை விட்டு வந்த வார்த்தை ஒன்று, தொண்டைக்குள் சூழ்கொண்டதோ... உன்னைவிட்டு உடல் மீளவில்லை, என் கால்கள் வேர் கொண்டதோ... பூமிக்கு வந்த பனித்துளி நான், சூரியனே என்னை குடித்துவிடு... யுகம் யுகமாய் நான் எறிந்துவிட்டேன், பனித்துளியே என்னை அணைத்துவிடு... உறவே, உயிரே, உணர்வே... நெஞ்சில் வரும் காதல் வலி, பூவில் ஒரு சூராவளியோ... சிற்றின்பத்தின் சின்ன வாசல் வழி, பேரின்பம் நாம் அடைவோம்... கால்தடங்கள் அற்ற பூமியிலே, காற்றாக நாம் நுழைவோம்... சித்திரை மாதத்தை நான் அணைத்து, கோடையில் உனக்கொரு குளிர் கொடுப்பேன்... மார்கழி மாத்த்தை நான் எறித்து, முன்பனி காலத்தில் அணல் கொடுப்பேன்... அடியே, சகியே, சுகியே... நெஞ்சில் வரும் காதல் வலி, பூவில் ஒரு சூராவளியோ... In our craze for beats, these jewels are often missed... In Vairu's words,
'பாட்டுக்கு மதிப்பு கொடுக்காமல், பீட்டுக்கு மதிப்பு கொடுத்து விட்டோம்...'

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Change your Mind...

Hey, hey Did you ever think there might be another way To just feel better, just feel better, about today Oh, no If you never want to turn and go away You might feel better, might feel better, if you stay Hey, hey Have you ever danced in the rain or thanked the sun Just for shining, just for shining, or the sea Oh, no Take it all in the world to show you that You look much better, look much better, when you glow If you want to be somebody else If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself If you want to be somebody else Change your mind Change your mind
Ah, as just watching 'Bedazzled', you know the Brandon Fraser flick? Ok fine.. for the guys, the devilish Elizabeth Hurley, or maybe the Lambhrghini Diablo... in any case, the above was the closing song for the movie. Great song don't you think? A month of 2006 has just swooshed by. Let me tell you all this, I don't know how many of you battle with yourselves... I do.. many times. For various reasons...but there is only one think that drives me... the thought that 'Things always happen for the better and the best' and life becomes so much easier to deal with. I remember my previous post on to Think or to Feel. I haven't found the answer to that really, but I am just going to feel better about today...although there are hundreds there to convince you to not to. I don't want to regret it when i just drop dead tomorro, or maybe even now! or I don't want to regret the way I lived my life when I look back at it (or my posts in my blog) when I am 80. Useless post ain't it? Maybe you might just wanna scroll down and take a look about Rang De Basanti...but Reva rambles sometimes, when she thinks she has discovered something good, and when she feels good about herself, or when she wants others to feel good about themselves.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Kulu Kulu Cool....

1st ice-cream i had in Singapore, after the last one I had in Hyderabad.... Ahhh.. memories... Tank Bund, Naresh, Vinod, kulfi.... Had gelato with Vatsan and Sri Ram..at the Art Museum. Tried 6 different flavours; rum & raisin, mint chocolate, belgian chocolate, dark chocolate, tiramisu, vanilla. Good stuff... and it was raining... but I didn't enjoy it enough. Ice cream should come with a full package... 12 midnight, stars, moon, breeze, water body, rain, friends.

Rang De Basanti as how I see it

The movies I say I like fall into some basic categories,
  1. There are some movies, which I give a standing ovation to, like 'Indian',
  2. some movies, which I just remain seated, and give a few thoughts to it, perhaps like 'Hey Ram',
  3. some movies which I would like to create some day, because of their extravagance and beauty, like 'Paheli',
  4. some other movies I would like to direct, like 'Salangai Oli', because of their simplicity, yet winning formula, and uniqueness
  5. some movies which I feel are close to my heart, like 'Anbe Sivam'.
Rang De Basanti probably falls into category 1, 2 and 5. I will not write a review about this one, or give away the story, but perhaps I would like to share why its close to my heart, when the movie is totally Desi, and well, I am not Indian by nationality. Singapore is a country, where no political figure has been assasinated, we don't have MiG planes crashing, corruption is somthing that is exclusive to third world countries, and it has been decades since anyone has been involved in strikes. I could have felt close to Rang De Basanti, because I like to make films myself, and winning in casting is winning half the battle. Most often, your cast are do not appear in the audtion, or the hundred of application forms, rather, they are around you, with you. Not only in casting, but I have experienced that ones I really love, I admire, and my true friends are not those I go in search of, somehow they come to me, or are always with me.. I just have to recognise them. I could have felt close to Rang De Basanti, because it might have been over-rated; actually, maybe it has nothing to do with Bhagat Singh at all... maybe the Rang is not even yellow or Basanti (mustard) but thats the least of my problems. As far as I am concerned, Rang De Basanti can be close to anyone, because the movie deals with humanity, love, friendship, choosing the way you want to live your life. What is the Rang we are talking about?? Is it really basanti? Or red, black?? We will never know, until we bring out the true Rang from within ourselves. In our course of live, many of us don't... we live life, believing in whatever that has been already told about it. For all those who came here in search of a movie review, I am sorry... there are times, when I just let my heart do the talking. I think this movie is worth that.