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Friday, November 16, 2007

Seeing Stars....

Back to post, after a really long interval. Well, was going around TN for the launch of the rest of our Hello FM stations. Till now, Hello FM 106.4 can be heard in Madurai, Thirunelveli, Tuticorin, and Coimbatore... Trichy is yet to come. Every location had a plus, something interesting to enjoy, something exciting.

Just came back from Coimbatore last Monday, after spending 2 weeks there, including Diwali. RS Puram was fantastic, fireworks, Diwali release movies, all done with a new found friend. Most of the nights were spent star watching with naked eyes, and that too my favourite constellation Orion, because it is the most easiest to spot! 3 stars in a row, called as the Orion's belt, and I thought I could see Planet Mars around the corner too.. a fuzzy yellowish looking star. I had to spend a great deal of time, convincing this person that there are actually 3 stars in a row, and that yellowish looking star is Mars. But it was definitely worth it! Now you see ORION near center bottom? (click on the picture to enlarge) 3 stars in a row? That's Orion's belt. And check out the path of Mars, where November is in the picture? so that's where Mars will be. And if you are sharp enough, you can spot it as a yellowish star, top left of the Orion's belt. So look up tonight if you have the time, and if your loved one is by your side, this will indeed be one of the best days of your life.