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Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Legend...

Avasara Kozhi Kaushi did a mention on Sujatha today morning on her show in our station.
Followed by audio recording of Kamal Hassan, with his condolences.I've neither met him, or spoke to him over the phone.

But Kaarthika the producer of Avasara Kozhi programme interviewed him for Women's Day 2007.

All that he said was, "you can understand the respect I have for women, from my pen name - Sujatha".

Do take some time to leave back you memories here.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Horizon = Limit

The horizon (Ancient Greek - "to limit") is the apparent line that separates earth from sky. More precisely, it is the line that divides all of the directions one can possibly look into two categories: those which intersect the Earth's surface, and those which do not. At many locations, the true horizon is obscured by nearby trees, buildings, mountains and so forth. The resulting intersection of earth and sky is instead described as the visible horizon.
Looking beyond the horizon... as cliche as it may sound, it is easier said than done. The horizon, is to limit... So if we could look beyond what limits us, we should be able to see, and learn more.. isn't it? If we could see beyond the intersection of the earth and the sky, then maybe we can find something that we've been looking for all our lives.. be it love, luxury, or the life we've always been wanting to lead. Whether you like it or not, there is a horizon which exists, and there is a world waiting to be caught by our eyes.
P.S after all this non-blogging days, do I really have to come out with this verbal diarrhea?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Oh Ranganathaa... Sriranganathaa...

Hello FM has successfully launched its 7th station in Trichy, thus, I go the chance of visiting Srirangam, a place, I have always wanted to visit, explore, and experience. I think the last time I went there was when I was about 7... so this time round, I wanted to learn about the place before visiting it... What stayed in my mind, before visiting the temple was the
1. so called moon-flower pond, which i read about,
2. the 1000 kaal mandapam which was never completed,
3. the enormous temple towers, acres of temple space,
4. and the golden kalasam, where only Hindus are allowed...
but what i experienced made me remember more..

As what one told... "I like all travellers have seen more than i remember, and remember more than I have seen" I managed to speak to one of the gurukkals there, and realised,
1. there is indeed a moon-flower pond, only that it is correctly called as 'Chandirapushkarani', there is also a 'Suryapushkarani',
2. the 1000 kaal mandapam is closed for viewers,
3. you can spend days and days walking around the temple in awe admiring the works,
4. and my friend and myself had to wait about 2 hours to enter the moolasthanam with the golden kalasam.
Apart from that, I visited the kili mandapam, thaayar sannidhi, a special raamar sannidhi, where you can see raamar in his kalayaana koalam, with anjineyar who has his tail above his head, considered extremely special.
I did not bring along my camera to capture all that I have seen, but I managed to come across a photoblog of Rohan Rao... http://ephotoz.blogspot.com/2007/03/few-photographs-on-my-tamilnadu-trip.html
check it out...

7 stations launched for Hello FM, Trichy being the 7th one, 7 was the age I last visited the temple, and it seems 7 is indeed a sacred number for Vaishnavites, as Srirangam is the only temple with 7 enclosures!!!

Srirangam is definitely a place, I will visit again. A wealth of knowledge to be uncovered.

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