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Monday, December 18, 2006

EarthSync Festival

I know its been an awfully long time since the last post, but work has been keeping me busy. Jeevan did mention in one of his posts that I am working as an RJ in Hello FM; for those who are unaware, I have been on air for the past 3 months, since our launch on 2nd October, and I have been loving every moment of it. Life has changes completeley since the Dhinathanthi group launched their new brand Hello FM. Ok enough about the radio.

Earthsync Festival which happened on the 16th December at the Bucks Theatre, YMCA Nandanam inspired me to write the post. It was an awesome World Music fiesta since the WOMAD i attended sometime back in Singapore. What awesome stage settings, and music, with talents. Music direction was by Yotam Agam and Paul Jacob (who composed the station signatures for Hello FM). Earthsync is a world record label focused on traditional as well as World music.

I jut love World Music, actually since the day I heard 1 Giant Leap. And world music in open air, under the stars with food around the corner is the best it can get. Compared to WOMAD, EarthSync festival is definitley a smaller event, and not much food stalls were there. Food was a disappointment in the event; you get a handful of cold pasta for 100 Rs. But the ambience is just too good. There was also a photo exhibition by Timur Angin, some really interesting pieces of work.

I did not plan my visit to the event actually, so there was not much power left in my camera; was only able to get a few snaps, but managed to click quite a few in my mobile, and also got a video of the finale 'Thappattam' and 'Graamiya Paadal' which involved some stage elements including a video screen in the background of blazing fire and a fire pot in the front of the stage to add to the fiery effect.
Will upload that when time permits.
Looking forward to more such events in Chennai.