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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Flag, Share and Care...

Of course Chennai had impressed me in several number of ways, and one of it is the presence of 'Share Autos'. For the uninitiated, Share Autos looks like Autos, but have more seating capacity (in term of proper seats, as well as planks and boxes put up by the auto drivers).

I love this concept. You flag down a share auto, ask the driver whether he is passing by a certain destination, and hop on...get down at your preferred destination, ask him the fare (which starts from 5 rupees and the max I have paid is 15 rupees), pay it, and bid him tata if you feel like it (I greatly encourage this gesture).

Share Autos are fast, effective, and are cheap. People do still travel on buses, but Share Autos are just as good as autos, just that you have to share the auto with maybe another 6 people, and maybe might have to squeeze in bit to accomadate another person, or carry a child on your lap, but it is all for a good cause... to make everyone happy.

Think about it... Share Autos teach us a valuable lesson for life, be willing to accomadate people, and tolerant to actions, so that everyone reaches their destination happily.

I am blogging from a Reliance Web World outlet now. Just took a share auto here, and on the way here my auto driver popped a 5 Rupee coin to a blind street beggar. Sharing is perhaps not just about accomadating and tolerating, it is perhaps also about going the extra mile.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Blogging from Hyderabad...

So.. Revatechnic is back with a new post, and not from Singapore this time, but from India. Not many of you would have known that I am in India now, as it was kept a secret to give a pal a surprise (not sure whether it worked). Anyway, I have been down in India for about 3 weeks now, and I am enjoying every moment of it. 2 weeks in Chennai, and now the third week in Hyderabad, with Teju, Vinod, Saras, and great food from Naresh's mum. Hyderabad is as cool as ever, despite the killer sun of 40 deg cel. Am currently staying with Saras, and her place is great, despite being pretty out of the city at Bolarum. There is a train track right behind her home. Tank Bund is all green but far from clean. It emits an unbearable smell. Vinod says that it has always been there, but Saras and me refute the statement.So I am spending my free time just thinking thinking thinking... and everyone says that I am too quiet. I am not.. I just love to think.Saras is great company.... most of the times, we just stare into blank space and stone. I think it is great entertainment.Anyway, apart from all this, we visited EatStreet yesterday, and there was this live band performance, primarly to give away free Sania Mirza T-shirts. Anyway, I will be leaving Hyd to Chennai on Tuesday night, and I will greatly miss this place (Except for the fact that so few places are wi-fi enabled as compared to Chennai). Thanks guys for entertaining me in this great city!