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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wassup at Mahabs?

FUN, FUN and more FUN!
At last some of us from the programming team managed to come together for a little outing at Mahabs, which included a boat ride to view a submerged Mahabalipuram temple, i guess 6 of the temples remain submerged under the sea, we could only get a peak of 2 gopuras. I could not get any decent snap of them, so I am not posting any. Anyway, here are some pics of the boat ride, and the dinner we had at MoonRakers. Awesome fun, and we are looking forward to another outing with the whole team. Me and Fish!
Getting on the Boat...
My producer Suchi and myself on the boat
Rocking on the boat...
Our sound engineer snapping a pic at MoonRakers
Me and Simey...He says he is sad, because he is sitting with me...GRRRRR...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hello FM's 1st Anniversary...

Not counting from the date we launched... that was the 2nd October 2006, during Gandhi Jayanthi. This is from the date we all first met during the auditions, and it is also Pallankuzhi RJ Suresh's wedding anniversary... yes, he attended the auditions right after his wedding. Great news, great team, and most importantly great fun. Some snaps from our celebration. Having lunch at a restaurant near office... or rather waiting impatiently for it
Me and Chee (aka Gurkha Guru Singh)
Me and Simon (the sonic engineer and aka Gaana)
Hello FM has been my family since I joined the firm. Members have always been with me, during my really bad times and good times.
Ever greatful!

Hyd Trip!!! (A much awaited one!)

After more than a year, I managed another trip to Hyderbad, this time for Naresh's sister's engagement. Stayed over at Vinod's place (lotsa love from his family, lotsa home-cooked food), met up with Teju(visited his office for the first time), Saras and her larger family(what amazing grp of ppl), and of course attended the engagement. What more? I managed to catch 'Sivaji - The Boss' in telugu, after watching it almost 4 times in Chennai in Tamil. Being with friends is really really wonderful and amazing, especially mingling with all their families. A change of environment really helps. Am hoping to do another trip in 2 weeks time.