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Monday, March 31, 2008

Day out at the Beach...

After almost 2 years, I had a family outing last Saturday... and that too to one of my all time favourite spots.. the beach. The last time I went to the beach was in Chennai, at Mamallapuram where the Pallava temples by the sea are submerged, and that was around Valentines Day 2008. Singapore beach for a change was great... where the waves are never big, and where you can see lotsa ships at a short distance, due to our deep harbours. This time round, we went to the Punggol beach, and this is the first time I am visiting it.

Frankly speaking, its not all that scenic a beach, where you might expect nice soft sands, lotsa sea shells, a great horizon, and deep blue waters, with frothy waves. Rather it was littered with alot of construction stones, hardly enough shells, and an ugly sight of a cluster of tanker ships. But still, with the family was lotsa fun. In fact i made a big sand star fish, and decorated it with the little shells me and my sister Vinitha could find... Great fun...

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back to the Island...

To those out there, who are still unaware, I back to Singapore after my 2 year escapade to Chennai. No more Radio Jockey, No more Hello FM, No more VIARAGA or REVAVUDAN, and I am back on a job hunt. Touched back to town on 22nd March 2008. And the first thing I spotted which I did not remember from my 22 years in Singapore was the Terminal 3 construction in Changi International Airport.I don't see why anyone should believe that Singapore is a small country when we present such monstrous architectures (Architecht: Skidmore, Owings, Merrill). Its great to be on smooth roads fringed with purple bougainvillas blooming all season, and travelling with the absence of continous honkings. Sheltered pathways never give you a chance to get wet in the rain, and tender coconut sales along the road... who would even think of that, when there are pet-bottles for all drinks, and milkshakes and bubble teas. Who needs huge trains, with dirty toilets which excrete on railway tracks when we have the SMRT train service. And did I tell you all those sleepless nights launching 7 radio stations around Tamil Nadu? Wait a minute...Do I feel like I am missing something?

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Motokrzr K3m

Got a new mobile last night...

Always been impressed with Motorola's sleek black design, and the 'Hello Moto' ringing tone, from Vettaiyadu Vilayadu (realised Radhika in Arasi serial uses a Motorola too...)
Anyway, what pressed me to get this was the 50MB phone memory, excluding a 2GB SD memory card, and the 3G functions. Music playback is great (remember the Abhishek Motorola TVCs?)

There is also a touch-operation available on the outer cover of the mobile, to navigate and operate you music. I think that is pretty cool. I am not really impressed with the graphics, looks a little anime, kind of away with the black sleek design.. I'll check whether there are any skins or profile changes i can make.

So i have moved from SIEMENS to NOKIA to MOTOROLA. Lets see...